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Frequently Asked Questions

Will the iWALK 3.0 crutch work for me?  What are the physical limitations?


If you’re like most people with lower leg injuries that need to be non-weight bearing, then the answer is most likely YES!  But the iWALK 3.0, like other alternatives to conventional crutches, does not work for 100% of cases. Before you order the iWALK 3.0 crutch, please review the “Who can Use It” section of this website.



Will my private health insurance cover the cost of my iWALK 3.0 crutch?


Possibly.  We wish we could give you a better answer, however, with the constantly changing of private health insurance, there is no simple answer.  Check with direct with your private health insurance find out if ' crutches & walker are covered under extra cover as medical appliances' and what percentage or amount they will pay. We will complete a full receipt for you to send off to make a claim.


Will WorkCover cover the costs of iWALK 3.0?

Possible. Same again each Insurance Company is different. We have a standard letter to send to your Case Manager of the Insurance Company detailing the specialisation & uses of the iWALK 3.0.


I'm wearing a cast. Can I still use the iWALK crutch?


Yes the calf strap are extra long just for this purpose.  But there’s few things you should know.

First and foremost, check with your doctor.  That done, the most obvious limitation is that the cast has to be restricted to the lower leg, below the knee (you have to be able to bend your knee 90 degrees to use the iWALK 2.0 crutch).

Ideally, your cast will not contact the knee platform (but it’s ok if it does…we’ll cover that in a minute).  So here’s a hint – sometimes your physiotherapist can make your cast a little shorter if they know you intend to use the iWALK 2.0.  The knee platform is 12 inches long, so if your cast can be more than 12” from the front of your thigh (with your leg bent at 90 degrees), you’re home free.  To find this spot, kneel on a chair or stool so that your leg is bent 90 degrees.  Measure back 12 inches from the front of your thigh, going back towards your foot.  If the cast is below this point, then you can wear iWALK 3.0 without any accommodations.

If any part of the cast is going to rest on the knee platform, you’ll want to measure the diameter of your casted calf at the location where the calf strap will go around your calf.  To find this spot, kneel on a chair or stool so that your leg is bent 90 degrees.  Measure back 10 inches from the front of your thigh, going back towards your foot.  If the casted circumference at that point is greater than 22 ½”, then you may still be able to use iWALK 3.0, but you’ll need to contact us before you place your order so we can determine if iWALK 3.0 will work for you.


You’re also going to want to add an additional pad or spacer to level your leg on the knee platform.  This is necessary because the cast will slightly elevate the back of your leg, plus there will be a “step” where the cast ends and the uncasted part of your leg begins.  To take up this space we’ve found that a folded hand towel makes an ideal spacer. 


Will I hurt my knee if I use iWALK 3.0 crutch?

There is a common misconception that you are kneel on your knee when using iWALK 3.0, but you don’t.  When you use the iWALK 3.0, only your shin comes in contact with the knee platform.  When the knee is bent 90 degrees, the patellar region is not in contact with the platform and thus does not bear any direct weight when using the iWALK 3.0.

Can I go up and down stairs with the iWALK 3.0 crutch?

Yes.  Navigating stairs on conventional crutches is dangerous and strenuous, but taking stairs is one thing that you can do with your iWALK 3.0 crutch that you can’t do with a knee scooter or conventional crutches. 


How long will my iWALK 3.0 crutch last?

Nothing lasts forever, but your iWALKFree will last a long, long time…probably much longer than the time you will need to recover.  The most common things to wear out are the knee platform pad, the thigh saddle pads or the rubber foot tread.  Replacements for all of the parts of the iWALK 3.0 are available.

Can I wear short pants with the iWALK 3.0 Crutch?

Yes.  The special padding used on your iWALK 3.0 is hypoallergenic and FDA and CE approved to come in contact with your skin.


Can I sit down wearing the iWALK 3.0 Crutch?


Yes, but you’ll need ample space in front of your chair for the beam below your knee to extend.  If this is an issue, we’ve designed iWALK 3.0 to be easy and quick to put on and take off.


I have a broken bone in my lower leg.  Can I use an iWALK 3.0 crutch?

Most often the answer is yes.  If the broken bone is in your foot or ankle, almost certainly you can use iWALK 3.0.  If in your fibula, then it’s  also very likely.  If you have a broken tibia, then you probably cannot use iWALK 3.0 but we’ve seen many instances where this was still possible.  In all cases where there are fractures, you need to check with your doctor/surgeon before using iWALK 3.0.

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