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WOW  and wow again!! For your incredible and super super fast service!!! That's bordering on the miraculous!!! The iWalk 2.0 parcel arrived this morning at 9:30am.

Anyway, I wanted to thank you so much for shipping the iWalk so promptly, really much appreciated 
All the best, I'll mention your name wherever I can ....
Chris - TAS

Hi Samantha,


Thought I'd let you know, Norman (the patient) had an ankle replacement, and the Specialist put a hole in his knee, to get a string line down to his ankle.  Something to do with lining it up properly. Anyway, having two stitches in his knee, made it difficult to use the knee walker.

However, without strapping it too tightly, he managed to use it very effectively, until the knee healed a bit.  He found it very easy, and hobbled in to the doctors office on it yesterday for his post op check,! One more thing Sam, Norman is 68 years old, so just because you are older does not mean it is not suitable!

Great gadget!!! 


Cheers Val - VIC


Yes I received my iwalk 2.0, very happy with it. 

Ive only used it a little bit to get myself use to it. 

Im currently sitting in hospital after having my right foot amputated. 

That the reason i brought the iwalk 2.0 to use when im up and about and dont have my foot on. 

I discovered the iwalk through reading another amputees blog, and she said what a help it was for her so im sure its going to be a great help for me. 

Brett - VIC

Hi, l received my iwalk2.0 Tuesday and am very happy with it. I am managing it really well and as I am 67years old I thought it maybe difficult for me to use.

I recommend it highly. 

PS I broke my right foot and am non weight bearing for 12 weeks.


Yours sincerely 

Bernadette - VIC

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